Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer (European Version)

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Designed to give you some peace of mind when your child comes down with a fever, the Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer, IRT6520BUS with ExacTemp Technology delivers accurate temperature readings that you can trust. The Fever Guidance System will provide a color coded reading based on different levels of fever by the age group selected. Used by more pediatricians’ offices than any other infrared thermometer brand, the Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer, IRT6520BUS features a pre-warmed tip that improves accuracy, a unique positioning system that ensures precise results, and infrared technology that takes your child’s temperature in seconds.

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10 reviews for Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer (European Version)

  1. D. Dono

    The Braun Thermoscan has become the standard for thermometers, and the benchmark against which others are measured. They’re used almost universally in medical clinics, and they are the most accurate thermometer we’ve found for at-home use. In addition, with three small children, it’s very easy to take their temperature via their ear as compared to any other way (except perhaps forehead, but those seem inaccurate). The color display on this makes it especially easy to know where your reading is falling, the case holds it well along with covers, it takes very fast readings, and is sized to fit almost any age. It’s the only type of thermometer I’ll buy. I haven’t noticed a big difference in this model vs. other thermoscan models beyond the color display – green if normal, yellow if elevated, red if dangerous – which is a nice feature, but I think any of the models would work well.

  2. Dobbie12

    I liked that its fast and easy! The changing of Celsius to Fahrenheit was a pc of cake. It took me a week to figure out about the “European Clear” because there was nothing mentioned on it. I read a few hundred reviews and they all said 5 stars and to read the instructions for changing the temp reading. Well, it was easy. Also the “clear” I think meant it didnt have a white cap on the sensor because that’s what the model calls for. It’s ok, cause I left it on and put it away. I do have to remember to check the batteries now and then. I sure don’t want it messed up by the batteries.I recommend it to anyone who’s sceptical about the description. Buy it!I definitely upgraded from my oral ones. I didn’t care for the forehead one cause when you have a fever you tend to sweat. Besides, all the nurses who wrote a review are right! Ear is more accurate. One other thing. I was supposed to get my order on Saturday and I received it Thursday night exactly like the text I received….9PM.

  3. saf4amazon

    This Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer comes with everything you need to start using it. You get 20 caps, 2 batteries, an excellent storage case and the scanner. It works as it should and seems accurate enough for checking sick persons. One thing mentioned by another reviewer was having to set the age of the person being tested each time you use it and that is true but not really hard to do and it really doesn’t matter what you set it on, baby, child, or adult, as the temperature number output is the same for all. That feature is only for the built in alert for the different ages since, yes, ‘normal’ temperature is different for the three age groups but the temperature number output doesn’t change on the screen so if all you want to know is the temperature number then any setting will work. It is also backlit display so reading in the dark is really easy. Thank goodness this takes regular batteries so no need to keep the some 2032 computer batteries around.

  4. KrustyCat

    Ny daughter’s pediatrician recommended this thermometer to get more accurate readings, since it’s the same they use at the doctor’s office.This one is a much better version from the one I had —it comes with disposable covers and a holder. The readings are much more consistent and accurate, so it gives me a piece of mind. Totally worth it

  5. Viktoriya

    This thermometer is worth every penny, it takes the temperature accurately and the colored screen (red/green) alerts you right away if the baby has a fever. We had another thermometer that could be used for forehead and/or ear before this and it was all over the place, I couldn’t trust it. With a little baby, you need something reliable, I felt terrible not knowing what my baby’s temperature was for sure when she had a fever and felt warm. I didn’t know about Braun Thermoscan when I bought my first thermometer which almost cost the same price but did not show accurately temperature from the beginning. I wish I got Braun instead. I highly recommend this product, it’s well worth the money.

  6. Hawaii Shopper

    This thermometer was a replacement to a similar older Braun that we had. It broke after more than 12 years of use.. We were sad as when that happened as it was a good an reliable. As we were in the market for a new thermometer, we tried a few different temporal head scanner types. They were convenient but not accurate. Sometimes missing high fevers by about 1 or 2 degrees. because they require scanning the temperature from the hottest location of the forehead. Unless you buy the professional grade temporal scanners, they are usually only “spot” checking the temperature meaning if you are not scanning the hottest spot, then you might end up missing the actual temperature being measured. With an ear thermometer, there is less of a chance of that happening.What I don’t like about this thermometer is that every time you turn it on, it defaults to the infant mode and you have to change it to an child / adult mode before using it to measure. This is two more button steps to do than my previous Braun thermometer. Annoying but not totally inconvenient to do. I understand the importance of having the correct setting before using when checking infant temperatures. Too bad this was not something that could be automated have both readings show up (adult/infant) then you decide which one to choose.Glad I picked this product and looking forward to years of use again!

  7. elaY

    OK… I’ve gotten sick of the taste of my rectal thermometer (yeah, yeah… an old joke) so I decided to get something new. Really, I was just having a hard time getting a consistent reading from our old oral thermometer (and it’s hard to see the silver line on the old-school glass thermometer anyway). I’ve always been happy with Braun products and this wasn’t crazy expensive like the newer $90-120 units and the reviews seemed more consistent, so I decided this was a winner. When I’m sick or I’m caring for someone who is, I don’t need to be messing with Bluetooth and apps… I just want to know the temp quickly and accurately.I just got my unit and had it working within 3-4 minutes of opening the box. I took my own temperature 5 times in a row and got 98.0 once and 98.2 four times. That’s pretty solid and reliable, so I’m happy.I also ordered 2 extra boxes of probe covers: a case to keep the manual, extra covers and tool all in one place:

  8. Amazon Customer

    I had a braun for many years and it worked great. The only thing I hated was no light so when taking a temp at night you had to turn the lights on or try and use a flashlight. We got a Kinsa thermometer when we had our second kid and it was. . . ok. . . it would constantly give different readings and unlinked from my phone a lot (which was one of the major selling points of it). We got this one and absolutely love it. It works great, is fairly quick (though not as quick as the Kinsa) and is back lit.

  9. Kosh

    OK if you are reading this you are one of the parents like me who are particular about brand when it comes for Vital Stat for your baby.Pros:1. No doubt I will spend more 10-20$ to get a Name Brand like Braun when it comes to measure little one’s temp.2. Older Braun ear thermometer I had did survive for 6 years and we said Good Bye to find another one.3. It measures the exact temp, it is fast and really fast my infant son does not like to hold it for long.4. Checked with my doc’s version of threm the temps are almost precise and correct.Cons:1. The scan button sometimes get confused and ask you to select the age multiple times. could have been better to fix it.2. The little holes in the holder sometime makes it harder to store the plastic cover.Overall go for it.

  10. Derek

    My parents had an earlier model of this thermometer when I was a kid. I found it to be very simple to use and adequately accurate. I have compared the accuracy against a standard thermometer and find it to be close enough to use it reliably on its own. The product has not changed much since the model my parents have, other than the color changing display and age selection. Overall I expect to get many many years out of this thermometer. This product I would definitely recommend to a friend, family member, out coworker.

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